Maciej Markowicz


Maciej Markowicz (1981) is a Polish artist based in Berlin and New York, who turns moving objects into Camera Obscura apparatuses. Using his mobile Camera Obscura devices, he is exposing images directly onto large-scale sheets of color photographic paper, creating one-of-kind direct-negative photographs without film or digital technology.

His photographs are in public collection of French Museum of Photography and number of private collections in USA, United Kingdom and Europe.

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Artist Statement:

My work is about Motion. Motion of Light. Motion of Time. Motion of Place. Motion of my own Self.

I am drawn to photography’s alchemical power. The metaphorical and technical potential of the Camera Obscura has fascinated me for many years. Beams of light travel through the eye focusing onto the retina in an identical manner to the way in which, camera lens focuses light onto the film, producing an image. I have traveled back and forth in between countries in Europe and the United States over the last fifteen years. Each place has left a kaleidoscopic impression, partially overwritten every time. My own memories of each place, image, and travel have transformed into visual passages of time and space. This accumulated experience required a specific medium.

In 2010, I began exposing images directly on chromogenic paper, drawn to both the immediacy and purity of this process. This allows me to depict light temperature in the purest of forms. For me color paper negative represent the latent image of an abstracted memory of the place, an imprint of light, time and space. Since 2015 I have began mobilizing camera obscuras, inhabiting the moving apparatus to capture light, time and space on paper in motion.

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Self-portrait Berlin, April 2020

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