Maciej Markowicz

2016 Camera Obscura Van New York

In 2015, Maciej Markowicz converted a van in to mobile Camera Obscura and he began photographing five boroughs of the city. This is when the on going series on Motiongraphs has began.

Motiongraphs (2015- )
‘photographs made in motion’

Motiongraphs is an ongoing series of large scale direct paper negatives, exposed using mobilzed Camera Obscuras. Inside the darkened body of the mobile Camera Obscura, the image of the outside world is projected upside down on the wall opposite the lens, which is mounted on the sidewall of the device. I open and close the shutter exposing light onto large-scale sheets of photographic paper, creating direct color negative photographs.

Having a mobilized camera allows a different approach towards image making. I am inside the moving camera absorbing the outside world. I am partly invisible, watching life through a ‘viewfinder’ – the side window. I am an intrinsic part of the machine: the camera and I are one. I replace my subjectivity with the photosensitive material and the process takes on a life of its own.

Even before the invention of the digital sensor, the photo negative was in the shadows, a private master from which the public photographic print was made. The almost forgotten negative is resurrected in this series of surreal photographs.

'Every city has its own Genius Loci, the spirit of place, and every place has its own Zeitgeist, the spirit of time.'

The photographs are mostly void of the architecture and the human figures that we are accustomed to seeing in a cityscape; instead they suggest a certain animated energy that can often be felt, but rarely seen. These color paper negatives represent abstracted experience of place, they stretch the fabric of time by absorbing image afterimage, moment after moment, and transform it all into a single photograph.

Maciej Markowicz © 2021