Maciej Markowicz

2020 Camera Obscura Boat Berlin

Artist lives inside the floating Camera Obscura making photographs during Corona pandemic. April/May 2020

Maciej Markowicz, artistic photographer spend 2 months living inside the floating Camera Obscura boat, photographing Berlin during the Corona pandemic lock-down.

Everyday he made one photograph, a direct paper negative, by exposing a large sheet of colour photographic paper on the inner wall of the boat, the boat acting as the Camera Obscura. While in Berlin Mitte, the artist traveled throughout the River Spree and made his exposures when the sun’s position is aligned with the river. ‘Rivers and canals are water tunnels that travel through cities, countries and continents. When the sun is aligned – the water is charged with sunlight reflecting from it. This fleeting moment creates a harmony of light, time and place, and this is when I open the shutter of the floating camera.’

The city of Berlin during lock-down has fallen silent, creating a novel stage of solitude. The River Spree, which normally is known for its hectic daily floods of tourism, became slow moving and full of silent reflections and locals spending their days freely on the river banks. The place of the Bundeskanzleramt, where government decisions are made in response to the current pandemic crisis, is strangely quiet.

In the meantime, Markowicz navigated his slow moving vessel loaded with sheets of photosensitive paper in the darkness of the camera room, ready to click-open his shutter when the sun and the river aligns, looking for the harmony of time, light and place to simply catch the light on paper in motion.

Deutsche Welle made as short documentary: You can Watch it here.

Maciej Markowicz © 2021